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Client: Major US credit card issuer

Situation: Client worked with two outsourced outbound partners to make calls to businesses in key industry segments. The purpose of the call was to speak to owners and managers and ask them to agree to become a merchant that accepts Client credit cards as a form of payment from customers.

The current partners had been working with Client for several years and had seen performance plateau and degrade over the last 12 to 18 months.

Solution: Client asked Affinitas to execute a pilot test making outbound calls to members of the healthcare industry to sell acceptance of the Client credit card for payment from customers. Target prospects were doctors, dentists, head nurses, owners/managing directors/partners of healthcare facilities, business managers in various types of medical/healthcare practices, and C-level management in large hospitals or medical practices, among many others.

Affinitas agents were required to be comfortable and professional, yet assertive and confident, while speaking with a wide variety of professionals in multiple levels in several broad healthcare industry segments.

Before the pilot test was halfway completed, Affinitas had surpassed the performance of both current calling partners, and had surpassed client-specified performance benchmarks by nearly 25%. Client terminated one of its current providers and awarded that volume to Affinitas.

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