Affinitas Marketing Solutions - CASE STUDIES

Business to Business
Telecom/Internet Industry
Direct Mail

Client: Regional provider of phone and Internet services for business

Situation: Client’s direct mail response rates were declining, and as a result Client was concerned that existing direct mail pieces (designed by internal client creative team) did not stand out in target market inboxes, and looked similar to many other mail pieces targeted to business managers. Client asked Affinitas to develop a unique and eye-catching look that would increase open rates and response rates.

Solution: The Affinitas Agency Services team developed a series of self-mailer executions using a cartoon format as an eye-catching look. The unique approach was intended to grab attention and rise above the clutter in the recipient inbox. Humorous graphics made light of the typical frustrations of the business manager with regard to phone and Internet services. Headlines and body copy demonstrated how these frustrations could be relieved by subscribing to Client’s services.

Direct mail response was the highest that the Client had ever experienced, with a 12% increase over the previous highest performing piece. A major metropolitan ad agency subscribed to Client’s services because they were so impressed with the effectiveness of the piece.
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