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Healthcare Industry
Outbound Calling

Client: US healthcare/wellness information and education provider

Situation: Client provides healthcare education and information for employees of its client companies. One of the employee benefits is the ability to speak live with a counselor for personal health and wellness counseling. The challenge was that although counselors were trained healthcare professionals, they were not telemarketers and as such did not have the equipment or the skills to attempt to contact several thousand people within a short time.

Client needed a resource that could efficiently attempt to make contact with several thousand people and speak professionally and confidentially to both client company employees and counselors as the voice of the brand and as a trusted partner.

Solution: Affinitas was asked to execute a pilot test making outbound calls to individuals who were employees of client companies. Affinitas’ function was to be the intermediary to make contact with these individuals, thus taking that burden off the counselors and allowing them to focus on counseling.

Affinitas made outbound calls to employees on a date and time that they requested. Upon making contact, Affinitas agents introduced themselves as calling on behalf of Client, reiterated the counseling benefit available to the individual through the relationship with their employer, and then made a warm transfer to a counselor, not leaving the line until the counselor and the employee had been introduced.

Affinitas more than doubled the contact rate that Client experienced when counselors were attempting to make contact. The pilot test included two companies, but has since rolled out to eight companies with more being added regularly as Client expands its base.

Client has been thrilled with the results: “Knock ‘em out, (Affinitas project manager); your team rocks!”

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