Affinitas Marketing Solutions - CASE STUDIES

Cable/Telephone/Internet Industry
Inbound Customer Care

Client: National provider of cable TV, telephone, and internet service to consumers

Situation: Client receives approximately 20.1 million inbound customer care calls per year. Call volume is spread across a network of four outsourced call center vendors. Vendors are provided with key call handling and performance goals, and adherence to these goals is imperative for each to remain part of the network and to continue receiving a steady allocation of call volume. Client encourages competition among the vendor network in an effort to continually refine benchmarks and set new performance objectives.

Solution: Based on Affinitas experience with this industry and with customer care initiatives, we were able to recruit a high caliber agent pool and provide agents with a top-level training program. When coupled with our superior operational and quality assurance procedures, these factors allow us to provide exemplary customer care and to foster a positive customer experience while operating efficiently and responsibly against our clients’ budgeted resources.

Affinitas has risen to the top of the Client’s vendor network, outranking the other vendors in the following key performance indicators:
  • First call resolution rate: Client goal is 80%. Affinitas performance is currently 85% 2010 YTD. Performance of other vendors ranges from 73% to 81%.

  • Average handle time: Client goal is 6.5 minutes. Affinitas performance is currently 6.03 minutes 2010 YTD. Performance of other vendors ranges from 6.83 to 8.27 minutes.

  • Cost per call: All vendors are compensated at the same per-minute rate. However, Affinitas’ superlative first call resolution rate and average handle time result in an average cost per call of $3.20, while the cost per call of the other vendors ranges from $3.63 to $4.38.
Affinitas offers this client an operational savings of 5% (or $452,000 annually) as compared to the next highest performing vendor, and an impressive 12% savings (or $2,480,000 annually) when compared to the lowest ranking vendor.
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