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Affinitas offers market research and analysis services to all our clients. Our strong understanding of the research process means you’ll get the most from our outsourcing services. We’ll provide the analysis to help you determine whether your marketing effort is working or needs to be refined. For profiling, response analysis, modeling and segmentation services, contact Affinitas.

We offer customized research solutions using state-of-art research techniques to capture insights from all your customers, employees and target consumers. Clients utilizing our research services are from industries and disciplines such as wireless, cable television, financial service, technology, hospitality, consumer electronics, durables, automobiles and others who have needed actionable feedback from their target customers across the globe.

Our analytical experience includes

  • Brand research
  • Ad diagnostics
  • Awareness and attitude studies
  • Concept testing
  • Pricing
  • Segment analysis
  • Continuous studies

We are also conducting consumer satisfaction surveys for major clients. Customer satisfaction surveys use the current client databases for ad hoc or tracking studies as well as for continuous feedback.

Why outsource market research services to Affinitas?
Affinitas has been successfully executing Research and Survey projects for our global clients and can assure you world class quality. Affinitas’ research team has over 15 years experience in the industry and specialization in respective fields.

The advantages of utilizing Affinitas’ Market Research Agency are

  • End to End solutions for all your market research and survey needs
  • Customized reporting
  • Strong project and process implementation
  • Cost savings as high as 60% over other outsourcing providers
  • Highly experienced and qualified team of professionals


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