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Our Direct Data Division prides itself on our team of professionals who know the needs of the independent businessperson. We can help you target new customers and grow your business. Whether you need to target consumers or other businesses, our current and extensive databases can deliver the list that will help you prosper.

Even with the right lists, marketers are still speculating about who are their best customers, what their customers are more likely to purchase, when the typical buying decision is made, and how you can get more good customers. We don’t just hand you a list and say, “Good luck.” Analytical services are an important part of any list service, so we offer them hand-in-hand.

Our objective is to help you succeed in a rapidly changing business environment. We can help you by providing the service and in-depth knowledge needed to pick the right list for the right marketing campaign. Your success is our success.

...Like Predicting the Weather
It’s not uncommon for clients and potential clients to ask what can be expected for a response rate in an upcoming campaign. It’s also not uncommon for the answer to be “It depends.”

As with predicting the weather, the potential outcome of any marketing campaign is influenced by many variables, some of which cannot be controlled.

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